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Posted on 18 Mar 2009 by Slash
99-Best Converting Adult Sponsors for your Blogs

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If you are thinking of going into adult, or already run adult sites, you will be aware that not all sponsors are equal! Some shave affiliates earning, some will simply never convert or make you a dime! We have gathred a list of the very best adult Sponsors here for so you avoid the bad ones right from the start. Simply Click on a link of interest to join the sponsor.

This list of sponsors have been chosen by us for a mix of the following reasons they are:

Known not to shave affiliates
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Know to be a hard to find high converting sought after niche sponsors
Every webmaster that we have surveyed makes money with them.
Many of them offer extremly versatile promotional material, inc RSS feeds, free movies and pics, great support and advice.A few of them such as adult friend finder actual pay you pay per click, those
pennies can mount up- so try to include a few of these on your sites.
If you decide to go into th adult area-We reccomend these Sponsors to get you running and profitable


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Sunny Dollars-Great Choice of promo

Adult Webmaster Empire-Easy cut and paste


Adult Products and Toys-Free site you just unpack!

Excellent sales and high quality material

Shocking Cash gives you up to $40 per sign-up

SIC-Cash, extremly helpfull to newbies

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Kinky Dollars- work it out!

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Spank Buxx-Niche specific

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Posted on 09 Nov 2006 by Slash
Two important tips for your adultblog

Please, please, please, If you want traffic and lots off it...when you submit your vlog to this adult blog directory at ad an honest review/summary of your blog. You would be shocked if you saw the figures for how many surfers click to read them! If you havent written one, go in now and add one for your blog, just use your username and pass to alter your blog submit and add a review!

Add your blog to:

It is about to have a fair bit of traffic sent to it:)


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Posted on 20 Jun 2006 by Slash
Sex Blogs List Toplist-Now reset weekly!!!

Make sure you have our link either text or banner up to have the chane of being prominently displayed on the Sexblogslist Adult Directory Toplist. Each week from now on I will be resetting the toplist to ensure that all get a fair crack of the wipe in being the top featured blog on the main page, measured by no of hits sent. I am sure that our pretty banners will get you more clicks than a text link. If you have a text link, you can always swop it over for a banner at any time. Good luck at reaching the top spot!


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Posted on 14 Jun 2006 by Slash
Excellent traffic sources for your blog

Are you also listed in these other great places to obtain the maximum amount of traffic to your blog?

Add your blog also too: (masses of free traffic availiable for blogs as the new blog part of this giant porn portal is far from full. They also accept your freesites, AVS/AEN sites too.

Add in the directory and post on the forum too!

Toplist for PR and extra Traffic. accepts adult blogs and adult sites too.

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Posted on 09 Jun 2006 by Slash
Please check your Blog!!! Purging Dead Links

We are going to perform a directory wide check in seven days, to look for any  Dead Links in the directory. Please check your blog is online and has been updatted in the last 20 days. If for any reason you take down your blog or it is deleted. Please inform Sexblogslist immidiatly so we can remove your dead blog link. Not doing so can result in your IP being banned from submitting to this directory. If you have any temp. problems with your blog, eg. moving host or similar, please let us know.


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Posted on 07 Jun 2006 by Slash
Blogging Basics-Definition and Catogories at Sexblogslist

Whilst the Wikipedia definition of a blog is,

“The term blog is a shortened form of weblog or web log. Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding an article to an existing blog is called “blogging”. Individual articles on a blog are called “blog posts,” “posts” or “entries”. A person who posts these entries is called a “blogger”.

There are lots of different opinions and descriptions of what a blog is, but at Sexblogslist we make the definition that a blog submitted to our directory must contain written posts, pictures and links are permitted also. To keep the intergrity of our Adult Blog Directory, we are sticking to this policy throughout the main directory with two important exceptions due to popular demand.

We have introduced a TGP Style Blog Catogory.

For those who prefer to run a regularily udated blog containing pictures and little text. Whatever the niche, if your blog fits this catogory, please submit to this catogory only.

We also now have a Link Dump Style Blog Catogory.

For the submission of reg. udatted blogs, containing mostly links.If you run this type of blog, please submit it to the correct catogory.

Submitting to the wrong catogory will result in your blog not being listed in our adult blog directory, so please take some time to fill in the submit form and point your blog to the appropriate section for inclusion.This Blog Directory is hand edited, so you won't get away with trying to submit your blog in the wrong catogory! If you don't get listed, you will be missing out on loads of high quality traffic.

Buy following these simple rules, it will ensure you blog has more chance of being listed in Sexblogslist Directory  and will ensure the directory keep it's High Quality Blog Listings.

If you feel you have a unique blog, and we don't already have the correct catogory to house it, simply e-mail Us and we will consider adding a new section.

Keep blogging and submitting to us, we love to include your adult blogs:)

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Posted on 06 Jun 2006 by Slash
Ping That Blog!!!

Most blogs can benifit from extra traffic by using a blog  'Ping' service such as Ping O Matic after you make a fresh post on your blog. Simply fill in the Blog Name, Homepage Url and Your all important Rss feed. Choose the services you want notified that you have posted on your blog and press-Ping! It's as easy as that:) All theses services will then be notified that you have posted fresh content and many will post your headline on a page full of fresh blog posts, or blog posts of the hour. This can get you many more precious surfers to your blog. There are also a few commercial Blog Ping Tools availiable that you can own and fill with many more services to ping, than Ping O Matic see our webmasters page for details.

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Posted on 04 Jun 2006 by Slash
Welcome To the Sexblogslist Blog

 Hello Bloggers and Surfers at

We have decided to add this blog, to give you blog news, info, reviews of the best hot blogs and and to let you know of any new excighting changes we may have in the offing at our Adult Blog Directory. We will bring you a stylish mix of reviews, news and of course...Free Porn from every hot adult porn niche. If you would like to see any new features or options added to our adult blog directory, please drop us a line.Bookmark us or add this rss feed to your readers to get all the hottest news first.



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Posted on 03 Jun 2006 by Slash
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